Everyone who was involved in Matfyz could register for alias. That means every current and former students or staff is eligible to apply for it.

E-mail redirections

You get e-mail redirection from e-mail address at to your own e-mail. E-mails are only transmitted to your address and no data stored on our server.


Web redirections

You can also set web redirection to your own page. You could use any URL you want as a target (even with a path).

You can choose how the web alias should be done. We support redirects and frames. Redirect means HTTP 307 response to any query for your alias. Frames put your page inside a static web page throughout HTML frame tag.

Please note, using dot in an alias is not recommended as it would break HTTPS traffic. Our certificate doesn't support nested subdomains.

Web requests to your page are not recorded in any way.


... alias is a free service provided by Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. No data will be provided to any third parties.

If you have any question, feel free to contact admin on